Private Class inside of a Latin Club

Have you ever wished to have a dance class while in the Latin Club? Now it’s possible.

  • The student and the teacher meet at the agreed club at the arranged time
  • The class is mostly a practice session with some minor pointers for corrections
  • If you are a female, the class will be with Alain, if you are a male the class will be with Cheryl

The class is ideal for:

  • Students who want to build confidence in a social environment.
  • Students who want to dance a solid hour without the awkwardness not being asked or being rejected.

Cost:  The cost is between $60 to $100/ hour depending on the time and the place. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Dancing Tango at La Grande Bibliotheque, Montreal

Can you imagine dancing in public where hundreds of students are watching you? That’s what my student Dasha and I did. We went to dance at La Grande Bibliotheque at the exit of Metro Berry.

We wanted to dance at a space bigger than my living room. The choice of La Grand Bibliotheque was very random, it just happened to be there only because I had to return a book.

At the beginning I was self conscious not to disturb the people around us. I was aware that I was using a public space for free and I didn’t want to create any disturbance. We had our headphones on so that no one could hear the music. But later on, my partner Dasha suggested to put the little speaker.

We did!

We increased the volume little by little, after each song, until finally we were able to comfortably hear the music and the pass-byers as well.

At the end of many practice we film ourselves. So we did here as well.

I set up the camera, started the music from the beginning and that’s what you get to see in the video.

If you feel tempted to dance in public, get in touch with us. It’s a frightening experience, but it’s worth you time.

Outside turn combination

This is another salsa class taught at the Hungarian Social Club in Montreal.
The teacher is Alain Guillot from the school Dance Conmigo.

For more salsa classes please go to our contact us page.

Salsa class at the Hungarian Social Club

Dance Conmigo gets invited to teach at different associations.

This video was taken at the Hungarian Social Club in Montreal. There is a weekly class of salsa, Bachata, Rumba, cha-cha.

If you would like to have dance classes at your club, works space, or event, get in touch with us.


In this step, both the leader and the follower step back on a back ocho. As they step, the leader changes his hold.

One both transfer the weight, the leader holds tight his partner and walk around her creating a nice fun feeling.

Dance Conmigo teaches Tango, Salsa, Ballroom, West Coast Swing in Montreal.

Tango at the Hungarian Social Club

Dance Conmigo has become part of the Hungarian community.

We were invited to dance a tango in front of an audience of over 100 people.

Alain and Cheryl danced Bahia Blanca.

It’s an honor to be part of this great community in Montreal.

If you have an event and you would like to have dancers at such event, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Tango and West Coast Swing at a wedding

Dance Conmigo is proud and happy to dance at a wedding party. The music is original with the singer singing on stage while Alain and Cheryl dance a Tango / West Coast Swing.

If ever you would like to have some dancers at your wedding or any other even, please give us a call.