Argentine Tango


Take the first step… and discover – or enhance — your love for tango!!  There are as many reasons for loving tango as there are tango dancers;  the music, the elegance, the embrace, the connection with one’s partner, a sense of freedom, surrender…

“How did you choose the tango?”
“I didn’t.  The tango chose me.”
– The Tango Lesson


We invite you to begin or to advance your journey in the wonderful and inspiring world of tango.


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Private Instruction – Argentine Tango

Private Tango lessons are ideal for:

– Singles or couples who want to learn at their own pace
– Singles or couples who want to set the agenda for their classes
– Wedding couples who want to prepare for their first dance
– Singles or couples who prefer a private rather than a group setting
– for 3 or more students (semi-private), please consult our Group Class Page


For more information, Consult our Private Classes Page.
To book your first private lesson, please Contact Us.

Private Lesson at a Club or in a Public Space

Have you ever wished to have a dance class while in the Tango Club (or public space)? Now it’s possible.

  • The student and the teacher meet at the agreed club (or public space) at the arranged time
  • The class is mostly a practice session with some minor pointers for corrections
  • If you are a female, the class will be with Alain, if you are a male the class will be with Cheryl

The class is ideal for:

  • Students who want to build confidence in a social environment.
  • Students who want to dance a solid hour without the awkwardness not being asked or being rejected.

Cost:  The cost is between $60 to $100/ hour depending on the time and the place. Get in touch with us to find out more

MichaelSalvadorTangoGrpArgentine Tango Group Classes:

Group Classes at Dance Conmigo focus on fun, comfort, clear explanations, and solid technique.  We provide students with the tools to pick up moves easily, allowing practice time after each new element to reinforce the student’s comfort and confidence.



– To find out what Group Classes are presently offered, please Consult our Group Class Page.
– If we are not offering the dance (or level) of your choice, please consider Organizing your own group.