Vanessa Lengies
Actress, Los Angeles, California.

I had never danced salsa before! I was visiting Montreal on vacation and had the urge to learn salsa. I googled “salsa class” and found DanceConmigo. I wrote to the email address on the website and within the hour I had a response. I took the class with Alain only a couple hours later! IT WAS AMAZING! In one hour I learned two types of salsa dances and over 10 moves/steps! I feel comfortable that I could go to a salsa night and know what I’m doing! He put amazing attention on me and I feel he was really good at explaining everything and was super nice and joyous. It was SO FUN!

wilfredWilfred and Sheila Buchanan
Dance Conmigo Students

When I was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, we were excited to hear that Alain and Cheryl were involved in a clinical study using Tango as a treatment for PD. My wife and I, with no dance background, joined the class and felt good about it right away. Alain and Cheryl were patient, and skilled teachers who also made the lessons fun. We’ve enjoyed other Tango classes with them, both in groups and privately.


Version 2Jordan & Sean
Dance Conmigo students

We first met Cheryl and Alain when we took their Introduction to Ballroom class at Dance Conmigo in 2010. We enjoyed it so much that we continued to take classes in Rumba, Salsa, and West-Coast Swing. Despite moving away to Ontario, we still stayed in touch through private lessons when we were in town, and in 2015, we were lucky to have Cheryl choreograph our wedding dance. We have tried other dance classes in Ontario, but none were able to live up to the standard of enthusiasm, guidance, and fun that Dance Conmigo provided us. We are looking forward to our next Dance Conmigo class when we are back in town.




nikoNikolaj van Omme

I took so many classes with Alain and Cheryl and know them since so many
years and still… everytime, every single time I attend a course with
them, I have fun. That’s a key word to describe their pedagogy. Another
one is respect. Everybody is accepted as they are. Let’s throw another
key word: patience. Alain and Cheryl do take the time to explain every
step into details and care to explain those steps again and again if
needed. With a smile. And while having fun. Dance conmigo is one of the
nicest school to start to learn dancing or improve your moves even for
seasoned dancers. Cheryl and Alain: thank you very much!


JanosJanos Varga
Dance host on cruise ships

Cheryl and Alain prepared me for my audition as a dance host on a cruise ship. Needless to say, I got the job! They are professional but without the formality of professionals. It was so enjoyable to learn to dance in a relaxed environment, yet in the full knowledge that I am getting the best tuition possible. Cheryl not only taught me the dances but also the basic structure of each dance to lay a solid foundation to build on. Thank you both for making the dance lessons for me such a pleasure.





garyGary Katch

I had the pleasure to attend several group classes with Alain and Cheryl. I appreciated the relaxed atmosphere.  Cheryl’s many years of teaching and performing experience coupled with Alain’s enthusiasm, and warm and welcoming personality, make Conmigo a good start for anyone seeking an enjoyable entry to social dancing.



mercedesMercedes Alvarez
Independent Television Programming Distributor

After a ten year hiatus, I started dancing Salsa again in 2011 at Dance Conmigo. What joy! I’ve been on the classes and on the dance floor ever since  Alain and Cheryl are great teachers and wonderful people. Their classes are fun and inspiring. I have learnt one thing about dance. You never stop learning. The body and mind are like sponges when it comes to movement and music. The same moves take on different dimensions the more you practice and apply them. Dance always!


joanJoan McDonough
Dance Conmigo student

After being introduced to WCS in the U.S., I was determined to continue back in Montreal, and was so lucky to find Dance Conmigo.  Alain and Cheryl are simply the best. The class environment  that Cheryl and Alain provide is welcoming, friendly and most important of all..FUN.  Their teaching style is very encouraging, it doesn’t matter what your abilities, age or background at the end of every class you will feel like a dancer.  I am grateful to both of them and all the great fellow student dancers that I have met through Dance Conmigo.





Happy Feet club At McGill University MacDonald Campus

Mary Zhou
Happy Feet club organizer
At McGill University MacDonald Campus

It was an awesome class and we enjoyed it a lot! Alain made the class interesting, vivid and easy to learn.





alexAlexandre Scarchilli
Dance Conmigo student

Bonne ambiance , les profs sont cool . Mais une heure ça passe trop vite. 🙂








Dance Conmigo student

It is a great place to learn how to Salsa and have fun doing so.
I look forward to every class.

Cheryl and Alain you are great teachers! Let’s Salsa!

Thank You






silviaDr. Silvia Rios
Dance Conmigo student

I had a nice experience with Dance Conmigo studio. First, I took some tango lessons with Alain.  Second, we had a few nice presentations and videos.  Third, Alain, Cheryl and some volunteers from Dance Conmigo participated in the study Tango for motor and nonmotor manifestations of Parkinson’s disease. Patients and their spouses enjoyed very much taking dance lessons. The results of this study inspired other patients with Parkinson’s disease  to dance.





NicoleNicole and Gabi
Scientist and Engineer

We have taken tango lessons with Cheryl and Alain for a couple of years now. I come from a dance background but my now husband was a beginner. We always have a great time in class and it’s always a highlight in our week. Cheryl and Alain are so much fun as instructors and they really accommodate any level of experience.  They have a great way of making everyone comfortable so that you never feel silly. When it came time to choreograph our wedding dance there was no question who we were calling. We love Dance Conmigo!




RosaliaRosalia Felice
Communications Specialist

I have taken several Latin dance classes with Alain and Cheryl and the reason that I keep coming back for more is the fun, light and casual atmosphere that they create – every time! The instructors’ openness, patience, friendliness and humility set the right tone to create a space where learning is stress-free and natural. There’s nothing quite like escaping the 9-5 grind with fiery Latin tunes, dancing and great company! With every class, I am transported back to memories of tropical seaside vacations…





JamesJames Douglas
Dance Conmigo Student

Had a great time in the Salsa and West Coast Swing classes. Leaned how to get into the groove of the music and get moving! It’s so much fun to be able to share the enjoyment of music by getting out on the dance floor and movin it. Looking forward to more in the next set of lessons.






image1Annick Bernard
Entrepreneur, directrice Annick Boutik

J’ai eu le plaisir de suivre des cours de salsa, west coast swing, rueda et rumba avec
Cherryl et Alain de Dance Conmigo. L’ambiance est agréable et les explications claires nous permettent de progresser rapidement. L’apprentissage est amusant et bien adapté aux débutants. Je vous recommande Dance Conmigo sans aucune hésitation.







jackJack Rosenfield
Team Leader, Information Technology
Marque d’Or

My wife Teresa and I took the Introductory and Intermediate Salsa classes this year and are having a great time.  We’re back for more this fall.  Thanks to Cheryl and Alain for being so patient with all my questions. The other students are so friendly and helpful (we switch dance partners throughout the class).  Aside from great exercise and fun, it’s a real stress releaser and a lot of laughs.  The classes progress logically through a variety of steps but at a pace that’s manageable for my 61 year old brain.  A bonus, the music selection is wonderful!



hair cutAimee Von Arx
Dance Conmigo dance student

The teachers at Dance Conmigo are not just talented but also hold the ability to make a connection with the class. Not only does that make everyone feel safer in an already vulnerable situation but it makes it a lot more fun. I learned the basics of Bachata in just one months time.






georgeGeorge Gervin
Design Engineer at SNC-Lavalain

My wife and I did the West Coast swing classes with Cheryl and Alain, we loved the classes, great teachers and a great atmosphere to learn in a fun environment. I recommend for people of all ages.







Melina Soochan (1)Melina Soochan
Project Manager in Digital Advertising, full time
Professional singer, part-time

I started dancing Bachata, Salsa and Cha Cha with Alain and Cheryl this year, and I have to say, I love it!! As a professional musician, I am on stage in front of audiences all the time, and knowing a few moves to throw out during our Latin set is definitely useful! I would recommend Dance Con Migo for anyone looking to get started on a fun, physical and stress-free activity once a week. Come with a partner, come alone, come as you are 🙂




sonySony Lloyd
Dance Conmigo dance student

Alain was my very first Salsa as well as Tango teacher. Years passed by and  he remains one great teacher whose passion for what he does is remarkable.  Nowadays, Dance Conmigo has also another talented teacher, Cheryl, whose energy and pedagogy are great qualities. They say you always go back to those with whom you feel great and that is exactly what I did when I wanted to practice salsa again. I am happy to see that Dance Conmigo is thriving well





Dance Conmigo dance student

Do you think you can’t dance because you watch Dancing with the Stars and feel you could never dance like that so why bother? Well the good news is that dancing can be just for fun, not for show! And Alain and Cheryl are just the dance teachers to get you started. They are warm, friendly, patient and make the classes interesting and easy. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning Salsa, West Coast Swing, Bachata, and Tango at Dance Conmigo to name just a few. Take a class with them and you won’t want to go anywhere else!




KevinKevin Yang
Dance Conmigo dance student

I had a great time taking salsa classes at Dance Conmigo. Both Alain and Cheryl are very eager to help you with your moves and I feel comfortable around them. I can feel that dancing is their passion and it definitely infects the people around them. They are very patient as well, so if you are struggling with certain moves, they will really take the time working with you together until you get it. I highly recommend Alain, Cheryl and Dance Conmigo. Thank you, Cheryl and Alain!






ElaineElaine Arsenault
Dance Conmigo dance student

Being from North America all I ever knew was dancing solo in a group, until one day, I took up social dancing. Let me tell you, there’s nothing like it. Now, whenever I hear Latin music or good old rock and roll, I get moving. Alain and Cheryl are great teachers. I have taken countless lessons with them; both privately and in group. They instil the love of dance no matter the level of “talent” one may have. Their technique makes learning fun, and that’s what dancing is all about. One thing for sure, after moving to fantastic music with a partner, any dance partner, you feel so alive.




11652106_10207585136015083_828327300_nJF Giraud,
Materials and Processes Engineering
Bombardier Aerospace

Cheryl and Alain taught me Salsa 1, Salsa 2, Rueda, Rumba and Cha Cha Cha. I enjoyed every minute of it. Both Cheryl and Alain have a passion for dance and teaching it. I will always remember how Cheryl interpreted my beginner’s clumsiness as “showing creativity”. I highly recommend Cheryl, Alain and Dance Conmigo.

Thank you. /JF



Dance Conmiogo Student

‎I had the pleasure of taking Tango and West Coast Swing classes with Alain and Cheryl in the past year. They are excellent teachers who explain the steps well and provide a fun atmosphere in the class. They tought a great deal of steps in a short period of time and I can now easily follow a lead at a dance night due to my knowledge of the basic steps and rhythms in those styles. I highly recommend Dance Conmigo!




MateoMateo Rafael Polanco
Junior Architect

It has really been an amazing experience and I am definitely looking forward to take more courses with Cheryl and Alain. They are extremely talented, patient, responsible but especially passionate in what they do and  are able to transmit their enthusiasm in every student, in every step, in every class… There was always so much to learn and lots of fun as well, not to mention their schedule flexibility if you are someone very busy because of work! I mainly took latin dance courses (Salsa, Salsa Rueda and Bachata) and I enjoyed every second of it. Thanks to Dance Conmigo, I can now say they allowed me to gain a high level of  self-confidence in the art of dance.




Dance Conmigo dance student

J’ai eu le grand plaisir de suivre plusieurs cours avec Alain et Cheryl : tango, east coast swing, west  coast swing et enfin salsa. L’enthousiasme de ces deux charmants et talentueux professeurs était vraiment contagieux et ceci contribuait justement à apprendre à danser dans une atmosphère de détente et dans la bonne humeur. J’ai également beaucoup apprécié l’attention personnalisée accordée à chaque étudiant ainsi que le respect avec lequel ils traitaient les étudiants pas toujours douées comme moi! Ils m’ont d’ailleurs donné le goût d’explorer d’autres danses sociales enseignées dans leur école. Je les remercie chaleureusement.



Alejandro Hernandez
Dance Conmigo dance student

Dance with me. The literal translation of DanceConmigo. That phrase is a pure reflection of the environment it establishes for all those interested in dancing. An open invitation to come dance, to come as you are, all judging put aside. In a few classes, I was able to grasp the concept of basic steps in each new dance I threw myself into. You don’t need any talent to start dancing and it never is too late to start. That’s the kind of philosophy that the amazing duo of Alain and Cheryl impart to their students. You never can go wrong with this approach. It is true that you can never force dancing upon someone… the inspiration has to come within. And when the time comes, I can’t think of a better pair than these two to introduce you into this lovely world form which you will come away transformed.



Belly Dance instructor

“Being part of the Dance Conmigo teacher team was a great experience. The owners of the studio, Alain and Cheryl, created a very nice working atmosphere in their studio to teach dance classes and welcome my students. They were always supportive to help promoting the classes. I remember the special dance parties with them where I had the possibility to perform. I loved it! Thank you, Cheryl and Alain!”






robRobert Morrison
Senior Instructor – CSeries
Bombardier Aerospace
I’ve had the pleasure of taking the Salsa 1, Salsa 2 and Bachata 1 class with Alain and Cheryl as my instructors. Not only were the classes always fun, they were very well organized. A trait that makes Alain and Cheryl different from other schools is they teach you “real life”dancing.   Not just the 1,2,3’s. Following the course, I was entirely confident in my newly acquired dance skills thanks to Alain and Cheryl. I would highly recommend any of their dance courses. Rest assured, I will be continuing my courses with them.

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